Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sky Juice; commonly known as plain water...

Some truth come to us plain and simple. Our justifications are normally the reason a truth gets challenged.

A man is worthy if he is true to his words although that is supposedly the cheapest thing any normal man can do. Is it fair to judge people from their talks? If it is, how fair is this fairness should be? A simpler rationale to dismiss the notion that a man is worthy of his words ought to be “action speaks louder than words”.

Many times in our lives, we felt deceived upon not getting what has been promised by others. Rationally our sanity decides whether or not we should and can trust someone else’s words or promises. Some of us withhold higher skeptics than others. Some being realists prefer to take it as it is while some prepare for the worst despite hoping for the best.

Neither a man nor any woman can actually foretold precisely what fate holds in the future but sometimes it feels so right to put up a hope as we plan. Rightfully, what is the optimum level for a good thought to deserve trustworthiness? When things go against certain expectations, how strong can one’s mind remains rational and impartial despite the fact that normally at this stage, negative emotions including disappointment, anger, envy, hatred and distrust often intertwine in volatile mood.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror gives a clear impression on how we look like in reality. The idea that we are the same person in the mirror often puts us in the blind spot. Despite all the similarities between us and our mirror reflections, our impressions succumb to such perceived truth although they are not presented in the exact identical sides as our right is the mirror images’ left. That simply prove a point; as human, we have limited capacity to see ourselves accurately.

Being judgmental, many of us have the experience of trusting rationale with a fair blend of emotion. Since Prophet Adam a.s. creation until today, countless incidents were recorded in history of mankind justifying human errors and misjudgments. Some of those faulty errors implicated only the ones committing the acts but unfortunately some hurtfully impacted other fellow human beings physically, mentally and spiritually.

It hurts to be disappointed. It feels bad to be blame at and surely it is unpleasant to be victims of wrongful decisions. Nevertheless all these bits of experience should give us better concerns before depicting, portraying and trusting any impression as well as expectation. Knowing what’s right equals understanding what’s wrong and vice versa. Our nurtured and intrinsic values however might influence our definition of right and wrong.

Once we know, there is still no guarantee or exception that we will do just fine unless… ALLAH The Almighty All-Knowledgeable God gives us His GUIDANCE. That’s why we say, “Wallahu a’lam” as Allah knows better. A truth is still true when our acceptance varies in essence. Just like plain water. It remains pure even when renamed or branded differently.

By: Towil

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