Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wrong Promo...???

Many of us couldn't see exactly how others look at things from their respective views... literally and technically speaking. The intricacy of such problemation may starts as intriguing. Intensity of one wanting to persuade others to see the way he/she sees can turn intrigue into deceit, if one's intention is slanted towards who is better AGAINST each other.

The Ultimate TRUTH remains AlQuran & Sunnah. All Imams of the 4 major schools of thought uphold similar principle when it comes to referring back to the source of TRUTH. These sources coherently focus on WHAT is RIGHT for the Ummat.

An important foundation in Islam regarding responsibility as a Muslim is "امر بالمعروف و نهى عن المنكر Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Munkar " or "Enjoining what is Right Forbidding what is Wrong". There are 2 kinds of actions required within the said phrase; (1) Enjoining what is Right, (2) Forbidding what is Wrong.

Islam is a complete religion with abundance of goodness to be promoted by a practicing Muslim. Forbidding what is wrong comes in as another responsibility upon Muslim to stop and prevent fellow Muslims from doing wrong actions or believing wrong beliefs.

Malaysia, who lost a plane (MH370) resorted to confront their grief in a national campaign to pray congregational Solat Hajat all over the country.Although the fact stands that Solat Hajat (special prayer) is a Sunnah that is recommended to be done alone, there's no forbidding clause saying it cannot be done in congregation, hence making it an act of solidarity that enjoins Muslims towards doing good. This fits in the criteria of 'Amar Maaruf'.

It's becoming more rampant to come across contending talks amongst Muslims nowadays related to 'Bid'ah' or additional and excessive acts in religion. Such talks come in as mild as a reminder and as harsh as 'takfir' (accusations that one derailed from true Faith / Aqidah). In some claims, the extent of takfir being practiced nowadays sounds utterly absurd and extreme.

Takfir is trending amongst Muslims nowadays. In Malaysia, the gravity of such trend embraced by some might by now almost conclude, "most Muslims are kafir". As irony and self contradicting that may sounds, some so-called Muslims (self-proclaimed heroes and defenders of Islam) like the 'Ahbash' is darn 'good' at bashing this bush.

These takfiris make Aqidah / Islamic Faith sounds like belonging ONLY to them and their allies. Using the fundamental of "Forbidding what is wrong", these groups whack everyone else via arguments saying 'Bid'ah' equals Kafir. Such argument derives from LITERAL definition quoted from a Prophetic Hadith; "every Bid'ah is a deviation and every deviation shall dwell in hellfire". Nonetheless the extreme approach of these takfiri didn't comprehend with Ummatic spirit in Islam.

Takfiri's determination to make it clear that only their sect is pure Islam is clearly NOT Islamic in the good nature of Islam. An example of takfiri promotion is claiming events organized by Muslims in remembrance of the dead with recitation of certain Quranic verses and prayers to the Prophet p.b.u.h as Bid'ah, hence kafir. Such harsh sentiment and accusations has stirred the Ummat at large; making us even more separated and segmented even from within AhlusSunnah walJama'ah.

Labels of Muslims include; Sunni, ASWJ, Wahabi, neo-Salafi, Sufi etc. Adding to the complexity of these groups is that sometimes Muslims being labelled by these 'labellists' & 'takfiri' may not realize that he/she is being labelled until being told. Another example of over generalization made by takfiri includes, "whoever goes out casting votes in democratic elections are committing "Shirk Akbar", hence become kafir". Wal'iyazubillah... Na'uzubillahi min zalik.

Although the underlying intention is said to be on ground of, "forbidding what is wrong", the takfiris are seemingly more interested to differentiate themselves as the ONLY pure muslim faith on earth today by making everyone else against them kafir. To an extent, if we look closer at some acts said as Bid'ah; the actual thing happened was congregational Qur'anic recitation such as Surah Yasin, but to them this is an act in the path of infidels... Yes, that's contradicting. How could reciting AlQuran & Prayers for Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h become acts of kafir? Absurd right..??

Unlike the syiah infidels, who proudly claim themselves as syi'ie openly, except during their 'taqiya' / lying process in 'tashayyu' (act of deceiving Muslims to turn them into syi'ie), most real Muslims on the other hand generally do not shout their belongingness and sects except for their Mazhab. In fact, all Muslims with Aqidah within the approved sects of Mazahib (Hanafi, Syafie, Maliki & Hambali) are accepting each other as ONE Aqidah.

Amar Maaruf and Nahi Mungkar are supposedly the balancing factor to stabilize Muslims via active and interactive brotherly practice. It had never being intended for takfir Aqidah. The takfiris who are using various names however see it differently. Similar to syiah who believe the real Sunni Muslims are infidels, these takfiris; who often uphold anti-syiah extreme connotations within their sect, actually focus on their main agenda to OWN Islam as their exclusive religion.

It is ALLAH's Fate that made Muslims mutually agree to accept, approved and follow only 4 major valid Mazahib. Such FATE is telling us to be open minded in accepting differences. All the founders (Imams) of these Mazahib also had set the perimeter on how to accept and reject differing understandings in the Ummat. None of them suggested any kind of extremism. All of them realized that Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h put a very FIRM reminder regarding takfir that if the accusation of takfir is not right, it will reverse to the accuser.

Sadaqa Rasulullah s.a.w.

"Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "If a man says to his brother, O kafir (disbeliever)!' Then surely one of them is such (i.e., a Kafir). "  (Book #73, Hadith #125)

Wallahu a'lam

by: Osman Mandela