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Anti Israel, Jewish and/or Zionist?

Every now and then Muslims rose to condemn atrocious attacks on their Palestinian brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles. Some took their stirred emotions to street rallies, demonstrations, petition signings, charity aid events as well as vocalizing in media and internet.

Let’s guess how many from these Muslims realize that the State of Israel was declared by the Jewish in 1948 as an intended outcome upon the morale unifying effort following the publication of Der Judenstaat that coined the term Zionist in 1896? Out of those who knew, how many can really understand what ought to be done in order to confront Jewish lawlessness in Palestine?

Perhaps it is fairer to assume that lots of Muslims are aware of the fact that Jewish tribe existed long before Theodor Herzl wrote the first book containing a vision of an independent Jewish state, in which 52 years later, such vision was declared as an official ambition with blessing by the Queen of England. The Jewish including their attitude and attributes were mentioned in Holy Quran’s revelation to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more than a thousand years before Herzl coined the term ‘Zionist’ in his book, thus making the Muslims supposedly fully aware about the existence and threats of Jewish malevolence.

Coming back to the dismay against what have been going on for decades in the land around Masjidil Aqsa; Muslims’ earlier direction during prayers (Qiblat) prior to Kaabah in Masjidil Haram, the series of bloody crises involving Muslim and Jewish continue getting worse and more sadistic. Along the way, the number of Muslims grunting about the Jewish is seemingly becoming more rampant too.

In fact, the number of Muslims condemning the Jewish invasion and occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip exponentially grows alongside higher usage of vulgar words to define such enmity on common enemy. Hey wait… who is the Muslims’ common enemy again? Israel, Jewish or Zionist? Are they simply one and the same? If they differ, then who is doing what, when, where, why and how?

Tactically, one of the simplest rationales before marching to war would recommend soldiers to know who their enemies in the battle field are. Having said this, does every angry Muslim who spitted their rage and anguish against their so-called common enemy can answer these questions precisely as an index to gauge whether they are actually aware about their enemies’ strengths.

Maybe the accurate answer to those questions can be achieved through a proper research but the fact that some of those charged up Muslims enthusiasts still do not realize the traits of their common enemy should make us at least ponder upon chances to win over the battle if these sentiment blowers want to go to war against their enemy for real.

The Jewish notion on State of Israel took about half a century before it was officially declared. Throughout the interim while the Jewish were gathering strengths, collectively and strategically what have the Muslims did to face up to such threat? Then again after the Israel State declaration until the recent attack on Palestinians, where were the Muslims?

Zionism has played vital roles during the process of establishing Israeli Government. The Jewish who were once scattered all over the world have somehow managed to regroup and mobilize their strengths in multi disciplinary areas including economy, knowledge, politics, media and entertainment.

Given the next 50 years, what are the chances of Muslims to realign their solidarity and strengthen themselves in similar areas like the Jewish? Notwithstanding losses of the Muslims with abuse on Palestine and Masjidil Aqsa over Israelis’ determination to rule the land, unfortunately the current situation is not yet showing any favor towards Muslims to uphold anticipated justice versus the Israelis’ savage brutality.

When wars were fought on battlefields without firearms, nuclear weapons, atomic, biological and chemical bombs, each battle killed only soldiers and warriors. Today Israeli rocket launchers crashed hospitals, schools, housing apartments and mosques as they posses the knowledge and money to build and buy any favorite weapons of mass destructions.

Even after more than 50 years of Israeli invasion, some Palestinians still face the Zionist by throwing stones. Ironically, some of the neighboring Arab countries preferred signing treaties and swearing allegiance to Israeli Government instead of offering a helping hand to their Palestinian brothers.

Looking back at the Middle Eastern countries shift from pro-religious towards secularism around the same time State of Israel was declared in mid 20th century; Palestinian Muslims’ cries for help on Islamic brotherhood seemed obliterated by nationalistic sovereignty between the predominantly Arab-Muslim countries with Israel.

The State of Israel continues to grow with strong support from their allies especially British and the American governments as Muslims continue praying for the deadly conflict that kills more Palestinian than Jews to reach the end.War costs money as well as other factors and for more than half a century the Israelis can sustain to continue their war against the Palestinians.

Apart from supplying the Israeli on weaponry, their allies continue to clear the way for them at the international level as neither military intervention nor economic sanction were ever imposed on Israel while they ruthlessly conduct their war. Unlike some Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq who become immediate targets for reasons made explicitly known as “for the greater good of world peace” or “war against terrorism” campaign.

Realistically, if we scrutinize the route taken by Israel, it wasn't just military strength that enabled them to achieve what they have so far. In fact it’s a whole lot bigger as they were able to be in control of their monetary, international relations and other sustainable strengths. America continues to become Israel big brother as Jewish business communities are dominating USA economic and financial sector.

As a prominent veto power in the United Nations, USA is steadfast in protecting Israeli interest in West Bank and Gaza Strip apart from supporting them with firepower on healthy business relationships.It is not a secret that media and entertainment industry as well as innovative news diffusing channels are dominated by the Jews.

Apart from support to maintain public opinion via media and entertainment contents, the whole world has long been mesmerized and mentally occupied with persuasive methods offered by Jewish tycoons in this industry.

Notwithstanding the goodness and benefits of modern and cutting edge technology in information, communication and telecommunication (ICT), the world continues to undergo enculturation process with hedonistic influences and secularist gist carrying indirect messages about freedom by definition from Israel big brother.Zionism is at war with Islam. That is simply a fact.

Every Muslim should know this and never take the threat for granted. Such war however applies not only on tangible military ground as it covers a wider spectrum upon mental and spiritual aspects. In order to face this threat, it is obligatory for every Muslim to be able to defend themselves by possessing ‘spiritual weapon’; Do’a or prayers.

Muslim prayers only worth upon Faith or Iman and sincerity, hence the pre-requisite for Muslims begin in the hearts. The fact that Islam is the target victim makes it compulsory for every single Muslim soul to defend their religion by first and foremost becoming a true Muslim in total. That means every Muslim must first take care of individual responsibility on the five pillars of Islam especially the prayer or Solat with clear conscience upon believing pillars of Faith.

Then comes the equally important strength as a collective entity to match aspects that Jewish is already strong namely economy, knowledge, media and politics.Knowing what to do is equally important to doing what should be done. Condemning the Israelis is merely an attestation of dissatisfaction towards injustice and tyranny against Palestinians.

In the long run, curses and condemnation resulted as reactions to despotism alone shall only increase hatred and revenge, which happens to be similar to Jewish reasons upon claiming Jerusalem. Being Muslim, that’s not the way recommended in Islam as the religion has stronger appeal on Justice, Divine Mercy and Compassion as opposed to human arrogance, fallacies and shortcomings of the Jewish.

Muslim is the second largest global population. That is a genuine reason to justify the potential of becoming a truly self sufficient and independent Ummah once the individual and collective religious obligations are duly adhered. All in all it is utmost important for Muslims to polish their strengths in all aspects but for as long as such efforts are not based on Islam or in worse case scenario following the ways of infidels, then the chance to win over this battle shall remain unclear.

Muslim should aspire to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions instead of other figures such as Adolf Hitler even when it comes to confronting Israel.Islam and Muslims are constantly challenged by contradicting beliefs and dogmas. Secularism, materialism and hedonism are among other corrosive elements that continue to scrape Islamic faith and values from the hearts of Muslims.

This, among others is what the Prophet (pbuh) meant with bigger Jihad against individual lustful attractions. True to his words, it is evident that the quality of Iman amongst Muslims is fluctuating and deteriorating as a result of continuous mortification every time their values of faith and desire collide.

Learning from past accomplishments, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his caliphate successors were glorious only as long as valid faith based on AlQur’an and Hadith towards glorifying Allah’s religion on earth remained purely the ultimate paradigm. It is important for every Muslim to realize individual challenges upon one’s faith as much as it is important to know who’s behind those challenges acting as the real enemy.

Similarly it is also important for Muslims to know their enemy particularly Israel, Jewish and/or Zionist prior to confronting them in various battle grounds other than just physical military.Islam didn’t focus on strengthening worldly matters first but as Muslims became true believers (Mu’min) under the guidance of an Arab man named Muhammad bin Abdullah (pbuh), the world came prostrating at the feet of Muslims.

The same virtue of Iman has also provided Muslims incomparable strength to confront all kinds of threats and aggressions from various enemies. The straightforwardly focus Muhammad (pbuh) carried throughout his Prophethood is “La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasulullah” – There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.

By: Towil

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towil said...

when Prophet Musa a.s & Harun a.s was commanded by ALLAH to talk to Pharoah, they were reminded to speak with modesty & truthful words. Obviously ALLAH knew who was Pharoah at that time but still He commanded Musa a.s & Harun a.s in such manner. Wallahu a'lam

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