Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Responsibility in Artistic Creativity

In many ways, the spectrum of art expression and appreciation; particularly in music and entertainment, is often perceived as relative abstract over personal preference which upholds individualistic values as a priority. Sometimes the epitome is congruent amongst fellow mankind but most of the time, other factors of generalization such as religious, cultural and knowledge play detrimental roles in influencing one’s mind towards or against certain societal sentiment.

Sensitivity leads to different kinds of reactions positively as much as negatively. One can change behavior towards the better upon being touched and moved by certain work of art. Similarly one can turn to aggression once offended by a trigger of artistic impression. Either way it goes, those who posses creativity to create powerful artistic outputs have the opportunity to gain attention and influence.

Human emotion generally fluctuates in accordance with surrounding influences that comes in contact with one’s attention. One is considerably strong in attitude if the reactions towards and/or against certain emotion can be handled calmly. This is common amongst those who posses strong elements in their personality especially those having strong religious and spiritual beliefs.
Such rationale rooted from emotions resulted from shallow minded personifications, blind assumptions as well as over generalizations, is usually weak and bleak. Nonetheless many of us succumb to it in our daily reasoning and decision making. The mentally and spiritually weaker ones may choose to retaliate around with volatile emotions.

In today’s world of high speed information, it takes less to create diffusion. A single click at one end may reach millions within seconds with provocative or persuasive thoughts and impression. The more artistic and creative one in fabricating messages, the more likely it will deliver its objectives and intentions. Such skills to become creative force behind every message are the key factors worthy to master.

Out of all the abundant information available at most people fingertips, many were created out of interests towards and against monetary, religious, political, social, personal and the ever popularly sexual, with or without ample concern on the effects of such information. Since it is a borderless world of information, everybody can get access, milk the advantages and influenced by these information.

Nowadays the tools to become artistically creative are available and accessible to everyone. Creating multimedia contents filled with artistic impressions is becoming easier as we speak. The bottleneck of producing high interest contents lies in creativity. The blend of art and science in multimedia is indeed fascinating. Experts and maestros in this segment are wizards of illusion with the power to mesmerize.

Entertainment and media industry is where gifted people with artistic creativity usually end up to express their gift through their work. It’s a common belief that artistes do not posses authoritative power but the good ones have more followers and believers. Just like political and autocratic personnel, artistes also posses their social influence within the society. Sometimes their aura of popularity can make them even more influential than others.

In Islam, entertainment has been given due approval by the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w as long as it doesn’t transgress Islamic jurisprudence and moral as narrated in several prophetic stories and hadith. One of it was when the Prophet s.a.w asked his wife Aishah r.a why was there no entertainment during a wedding of a guy from Ansar tribe in Medinah because the Ansar like entertainment (Narrated by Al Nasai & Al Tirmizi).

Also narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w allowed musical entertainment in celebration of festivals such as Eid. In the same event, the Holy Prophet s.a.w was reportedly saying; “So that the Jews know that there’s a vast dealing in our religion. Indeed I was sent with a religion that comes with it clear-cut straightness and ease” (Narrated by Ahmad and considered Sahih by Al Albani).

Nevertheless, everything in this world is permissible with limitations and responsibilities. Too much of salt gives us hypertension while too much of sugar results in diabetes. Similar to this natural equation, music, entertainment as well other forms or arts appreciation should have its level of adequacy otherwise the excess will lead to negativities. To this extent, often the so-called hardcore music and entertainment fans and followers tend to differ; first in defining the need for adequacy and then in drawing the line for it.

Muslims who believe in their faith actually have easier means to rationalize that a Muslim is first a servant of God followed by other roles in life. Thus, whatever justification needed in defining certain actions, it is acceptable as long as a Muslim is observing responsibilities as a believer of Islam without breaching any requirements, and then the rest is relevant. Such principle goes the same in defining the codes of enjoying artistic creativity including music and entertainment.

Manifestation of being a Muslim shall remain evident in a Muslim soul for as long as the heart, mind and soul continue being pure and unaffected by elements beyond permissible boundaries of the religion. Regardless genres of artistic and entertainment appreciations, the internal strength consisting self policing and motivation that abides religion will always hinder negative excess that contradicts religious values from growing towards overwhelming condition.

As far as gifted Muslim talents who are given the ability to produce these kinds of outputs are concerned, it is still a priority to put responsibility as a believer before work of artistic creativity. Being creative and responsible, it would be far better if one can blend the responsibility and creativity in perfect harmony because the yield of such articulation and assertion will definitely be something praiseworthy and more importantly in conformity with positivity without any connotation towards promoting vices and enmity.

By: Towil

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