Monday, September 20, 2010

Perspective of Media Choices: An Individual Prerogative

The new Media especially internet and mobile related is growing prominence even as we speak. Surpassing 60% of total population currently engaged in internet literacy and usage is a clear indication that Malaysia too is adapting comfortably towards accommodating screenagers prominence. Undoubtedly what comes together with these new Medias is a whole lot of overloaded entertainment and information.

Abundance of entertainment and information avenues has very much influenced individualistic values in choosing a media. In fact, the current trend indicates that there are more individuals who prefer multiple Medias at one time. Inasmuch one remains as a loyal viewer to a TV channel; that doesn’t stop preference towards other channels in mobile and internet medium.

Very much so, this era has been going through massive intellectual revolution as opposed to the time when media channels were limited and more focused towards the role as a medium of propaganda. Looking at the exponential trend in media and viewers’ behaviors, we can only expect our future generations to be more advance than us; just like our forefathers’ impression upon our generation today.

What pulls and/or push one towards and/or against a particular media? Obviously the answer to that open ended question is ‘content’. What sort of content? Now perhaps that simple question needs a lengthy detailed explanation so as to avoid over generalization of the i-generation.

Individually, everyone is unique. Collectively, everybody belongs to certain groups including families, friends, relatives, co-workers and so on. The more one tends to mix with others, the more belongingness he/she endures. Nevertheless contemporary media has proven ability to accommodate every individual inclination towards and/or against certain content regardless influences from various roles one may hold as a multiple group member.

Individual values are both innate as well as induced via education and enculturation processes. Human beings are generally in possession of natural similarities such as basic human needs including emotional and intellectual. Other factors in one’s background can play an influential role in shaping one’s unique individualistic characters and appreciations such as family bondage, brotherhood, spiritual, religious etc.

Even in predominantly extended cultured community like Malaysia, nowadays self regulated decision making is seemingly given higher approval within a nucleus family system as opposed to polarized vocal point back then when the family leader decides for everybody. Back in the 60’s till 80’s it was common to see groups of youngster brothers wearing the same pattern of shoes, shirts, pants and even the same haircut but today such trend is disappearing.

Today, even during cultural festive seasons, it’s becoming common to see an elder brother in semi gothic punker’s outfit while the younger ones follows the look of Ben 10 or other popular animated video game characters. This is the reality and looking at the exponential trend it should be just a beginning for another chapter of generation gap. Obviously when we focus on trend manifestation involving youngster, media contributes a huge influence.

As trendy characters popularized by multiple media channels become more interactive, they also become more attractive especially to the youngsters. Technologically, apart from gaming industry, internet and mobile media have been vigorously trying to become part of one individualistic belongingness and to a certain extend of worrisome, they sometimes did it too well thus outwitting the more important values such as religion and family.

This is the challenge of this generation. It’s a matter of choosing the right set of decisions with a concern towards avoiding contradictions that can lead to confrontations with earlier generations’ convictions. Culturally as well as religiously, the challenge to inherit traits, norms, usages, folkways and values is increasing every time the media screens launch new icons with conflicting craze.

Realizing the fact about such challenge, the bigger call for responsibility is actually in producing contents for all the new media channels in order to provide fair option for individual choice. Looking at it from Muslim individual perspective, clearly that is also a call for Muslims to continue defending the purity of attestation within the mighty “Kalimah Syahadah” that upholds the meaning of, “There is no God except ALLAH and Muhammad is His Messenger” – La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah.

By: Towil


ziarah76 said...

good point of views

towil said...

come to think of it, there are still many areas that Muslim should try to strengthen for the best interest of Ummah... apart from doing them as Fardhu Kifayah.

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