Thursday, January 26, 2012

Think 3D… again.

Three dimensional. 3D. Many related to cartoons and visual effects (vfx). Gaining huge fans all over the world although 2D fans are still plenty. Movies, tv series, local & international, advertisement, print media and many other peripherals and accessories will quickly follow the three dimensional world or 3D. Watching Underworld: Awakening at 3D cinemas today is an awesome experience. Literally, you can see silver nitrate dust in the air!

Hey dude? What happen in Malaysia? Lots of 3D stuffs are hyping up here right? Or was it yesterday’s news already? Indeed, Malaysia is a good example in being a creative nation. It’s not too boastful to say that Malaysians are amongst best world’s artistes… creative… but not so lucky perhaps ;-) Well, I’m not going to continue whining about those grants and rhetorical initiatives stuffs here any further. Let’s just appreciate 3D, shall we?

Metaphorically if we are to define 3D within life’s perspectives, it’s obvious there are ample similarities with human current lifestyles. The screenagers generation is coming onto the world like nobody’s business. They are growing faster than the clicking mouse; in numbers, areas and worldviews. 2 dimensional visuals were once the STAR, but as we speak, the cake is losing its pieces. Additional ONE more view simply change the world of people around the world.

Similarly, the screenagers or generation with screens i.e. PC, Lappy, notebook, netbook, tab, pad, pod, mobile phones and many more gadgets to come; all are continuously influencing our lifestyles. That’s the impact of an additional ONE more view. Then again, who’s watching? Who cares to watch? Whose eye? Is it the normal human pair of eyes or just a single-blinded eye? Or is it only ONE eye? Yet another question we can ask ourselves, “WHO invented those gadgets and WHO milks the most filthy wealth out of it?”

Hmmmm… sounds too conspiracy theory. Ok, I won’t dig that any further too for now… Let’s get back to 3D instead. 

In real life, our worldviews are governed by many experiential variables. Who we are in our own individualistic minds differ from how others see us. The idea to add-on another view is undoubtedly a smart-evil way to diffuse differential doubts. The third dimension mindsets encourage people to accept options in between gray areas. It’s like an option with an open invitation to differ and yet still stand on ground. We are used to comparative thought process between black & white, man & women, he & she, good & bad, yin & yang, positive & negative and so on… 

Hey wait, now let’s think about it in the 3rd option mode! The in-betweeners' twist?

The 3rd dimension of living a full life is constantly being redefined with exponential slant towards selfishness individualistic values that sit side by side with hedonistic. Even foolishness too needs accreditation. By definition, the new generation is persuasively being taught consciously or even subconsciously about the ‘other’ option in life. Such mild attack on human innate values as created by the Almighty is actually an ambush by a spiritual poison branded as antidote for life. 

The idea to sanction the 3rd dimensional thought in practical rationalization sometimes spells as, ‘Democracy’, ‘Liberal’, ‘Secular’, ‘Progressive’, ‘Transformation’ and many more similar by nature words that carry the same people. I was reading the newspaper recently to realize that Israel openly wants to be known as a gay-friendly country. A tourism selling promo line quoted from a website spells, “Tel Aviv is an ultimate gay & lesbian destination, with boutique gay friendly”. A line prior to that says, “Israel has one of the most liberal laws regarding all GLBT issues, and at its center is Tel Aviv, which is known as "The City that Never Sleeps".

Now I’m a bit puzzled… I thought the fight that Israelis fought for countless years in Palestinian Land and Jerusalam was about the mosque or something religious??? I mean, if we ask them… “You guys wanna get that Holy Masjidil Aqsa and built a country that loves homosexuals on it?” If that is okay, then I’d say all those veto or nato or whatever ‘to’ nations supporting your establishment are clearly as condemned as your filthy Israelis plan.

This world (dunia) was made in equilibrium with the hereafter (akhirat) just like life is paired with death. Within the same metaphorical concept of the 3rd dimension… it’s only logical there’s another life between it. Yes there is… Muslims called it ‘Barzakh’ or the in-between life after death before the judgment day (kiamat) comes to divide human fate in the hereafter. The major difference imposed on Islamic retrospective view of life in Dunia, Kiamat & Akhirat is Fate (taqdir); be that good or bad… totally belongs to ALLAH the Almighty God.

FATE is something not to be taken into human hands simply because ALLAH knows best what we can handle and vice versa? “Qada & Qadar” or destiny throughout the past, present and future is solely within ALLAH Supreme knowledge. Every single thing is fated on its course by ALLAH’s Wisdom and Power. That’s basically the Divine line drawn for human to abide. Should that very basic nature of human creation is opposed in collective scale with a country or more supporting it, clearly such act defies in total contradiction the Almighty’s will on His beloved creations. 

3D world as we define it to connote creative arts and graphics imageries is not the obvious culprit to blame in the articulation of the 3rd dimension in thinking manner. It’s just a tool… So as it should be used as a tool, let’s use it to carry out what our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did throughout his Prophethood; Dakwah (Preach). Even when for sure we believe the world will continue worsening until it expires on The Promised Day of Resurrection (Yaum Al-Qiyamah), that’s not yet a reason for us to give up preaching and sharing ALLAH’s truth on earth until we use our last breath.

In my own rebuttal sense, I simplify… Think 3D. For The Almighty. ALLAHU AKBAR.

By: Towil

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