Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Birds Chirp…

Burung Kenari riuh berkicau…”, “Oh burung nyanyikanlah, katakan padanya aku rindu…”, “His eyes are on the sparrows…”, “Eagle fly free let people see…” and a lot more birds were recorded as song lyrics all over the world. Birds with the ability to fly and roam the sky are simply ideal to represent free-spiritedness that beats the odds of human capacity. Flying men and women are popular myths; with superman, batman, supergirl, wonder woman or even X-men for that matter is not sufficient to elucidate the special feeling of birds flying and chirping.

‘Burung’ is the Malay word for bird. Countless species of birds in this whole world have given us different stereoscopic meanings in life. Perhaps some inherited negative meanings such as Vulture as carcasses’ scavenger, Crow as garbage vandal, Chicken as coward etc are just a small friction of birds' negativity. Our cultural legacies that affect our worldviews sometimes offer contending definitions to similar species such as Owl being perceived as smart and knowledgeable in some western cultures whereas to some Malay tribes, it serves the sign of jinx or death angel’s presence nearby.

The White-rumped or famously known as “Burung Murai” amongst Malays is just a common bird that chirps happily with morning sunlight. Many of us would appreciate the soothing thought of this bird sings in the morning while everything else is calmly relaxing. It can even sounds like a picture perfect scenario to some people in dire need of holidays in Kampong or hometown village. Throw in couples of pigeons and doves into that picture and voillah… it becomes exotically romantic. The sound of birds chirping is commonly associated with serenity and heartwarming ambiance.

Throughout history, carrier pigeon has long being used in message delivery including espionage. In the story of Prophet Nuh a.s. pigeon was recorded as trustworthy animal when commanded by the Prophet a.s. to report about flood situation. As a result of being inspired by capacity of birds, human can now travel by air and beyond, even to outer space. Instead of messages being sent by carrier pigeons, modern world we live today allows bits of information flying across the air and being retrieved instantly my multiple piers under the galaxy of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

History also recorded the moment before a very special baby boy was about to be born, when hoards of Abrahah’s army on elephants were crushed and burnt to pieces by fiery rocks thrown by flocking small birds. At the beginning of that boy’s life, later named Muhammad bin Abdullah, an extraordinary event took place just outside Makkah Al-Mukarramah where the elephant army intended to smash the House of God were doomed by ALLAH's will, signifying the coming of an era where collective small divine truths can beat the astray upholding falsehood or ‘bathil’. Strength of small size beating the odds was later repeated when Prophet Muhammad s.a.w lead his slightly above 300 hearts and souls of loyal men into battle of Badar against the striking infidels at more than a thousand in number.

It was a miracle of ALLAH when uncounted amount of Ababil attacked Abrahah’s elephant army; it was still a miracle when ALLAH sent down his angels to fight along the martyrs of Badar and it remains possible for ALLAH to send His miraculous troopers in aide of Muslim fighters. The bigger question we should focus is on our faith to believe that ALLAH can and will help His servants when we fight for His causes against tyranny and injustice.

Needless to argue, strength of one is justified by many. A single hay is not going to carry as much strength like a stack of the same substance. This is the power of solidarity. Believing with trust and singular mindset are what it takes to stand taller and stronger together. ALLAH has gracefully taught us about this if we care to appreciate what He had shown to us in the course of history.

Thus in other words, the same rationale we can derive from this equation is that for ALLAH, being the Strongest and Wisest of all, to help His servants, we must first show that we’re worth the help. Show our faith to Him. Believe Him. Sincerely embrace Him and worship Him as The One and Only God. He has never broken any of His Promise.

The age of slander or ‘fitnah’ is now a reality of the world we live in. Like it or not, the signs are only showing for it to get worse as opposed to getting better. The concept of collective small bits and pieces builds up to huge things are evident in ICT. Popular trends, subcultures and folkways nowadays are getting faster in diffusion by sliding through independent media channels such as User Generated Contents (UGC) and social networks including facebook, blog, youtube, twitter, etc. The growth of connectedness and reach ability of the worldwide web information super highway is gaining momentum even as we speak.

Such a rampant scenario of people slander as they might, have somehow impacted the popularity of so-called independent truth avenue such as Wikileaks. The exposures under claim of truth by Wikileaks have garnered mixed reactions in the public, particularly the global cyber public. To a certain extend, Wikileaks is now regarded as a source of trustworthy news and information to some people.

It is a clear observable fact that human generally prefers truth over lies. Religions of Divine Truth indicated examples of previous civilizations including tribes and nations who finally slipped into path of destruction as the believers slant their beliefs towards selfishness and personal dominance. The age of Renaissance witnessed how the misguided churches influence overpowered ruling governance while the downfall of Ottoman Empire was due to corruptions as human hailed the opposite of TRUTH. Both recorded series of destruction involving human lives.

Hence it is indeed rational for The Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w; the last Messenger of ALLAH, to remind Muslims to hold steadfast to AlQur’an (words of ALLAH) and Sunnah (acts of Rasulullah) as the only sources of Guidance to live and govern this world. However, looking at our current Muslim ummah, it is questionable whether such reminder to embrace AlQur’an & Sunnah as our primary thinking and believing framework is regarded to the fullest.

Today, big metal ‘birds’ are common to mankind as a mean of transportation since the idea of flying free in the sky was materialized more than a century ago. Carrier pigeon’s role may have obsolete but human aspiration to fly and rule the sky continues to become bigger obsession. If only we can understand the chirp of birds, according to AlQur’an we shall listen to how creatures other than human & jin praise ALLAH The Almighty. Let’s hope that we don’t have to witness the Ababil’s chirp striking us in Godly response to our own wrong doings on this world.
La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasulullah.
There’s no god except ALLAH, Muhammad is His Messenger.

By: Towil

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