Friday, December 24, 2010

Once in a while, let’s put on our black hat

Edward De Bono in his ever popular “6 Thinking Hats” recommended a particular black hat that represents negative thinking as a manner of asking, “What could go wrong?” A bit too often nowadays we come across, thoughts of that kind swirling in the atmosphere of our society, especially in politics. Be that office politics, village politics, sultanate politics and even more so politics of the political weasels in this country’s animal farm.

Political bickering is becoming more rampant as we speak. Media is one of the grounds for people to exchange ideas and occasional curses with a sprinkle of condemnation. Beyond that level, hatred, disgust, vengeance, lust, passion and sheer entertainment continue seeping into the minds of generations; young and old alike, in the name of lifestyle indoctrination. At this point, I have to be comfortable concurring with Vanilla Ice the white rapper’s lyric, “Will it ever stop? Yo… I don’t know”

How black is black? What kind of impulse that was first being triggered in our minds when we hear the word ‘black’? Is it a color on pencil, computer cables, fabric, skin colors or wall? Or is it more generic like night’s black in the absence of light? De Bono’s black hat theory is a good method to think, but of course not to be used non-stop. There are other colors to be considered as well.

Metaphorically darkness is commonly perceived similar to badness, negative and evil while bright white light is the opposite connotation bearing the likelihood of goodness, positive and lovely. Hence the black thinking hat is similar in nature to the meaning of bipolar comparison. Such as darkness that can only be measured by the absence of light, goodness and evil co-exist in similar manner. Ergo (Latin word for ‘therefore’), when there’s more goodness around, evil diminishes itself.

Thinking of what could go wrong helps in anticipating risks, unwanted hiccups, obstacles and what not. Even by doing so, we are still far from knowing what’s written in God’s fate but as human, we are obliged to take good care of what have been entrusted to everybody; life & soul. Thinking out loud, our world is seemingly not a better and safer place to live in.

As stated in the Holy Qur’an, clearly the harm upon earth and the ocean are caused by work of mankind; it is in fact a culmination of disruptions heading towards the end. So many things can harm us in today’s world; physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Is that a better condition we all intend to live in? Obviously some things are wrongly steered individually, communally or humanly. Our modernized human values also carry inherited diseases.

From the point when human started killing each other during Prophet Adam a.s time, the world has witnessed gazillion times of murder. Some said, if you killed a life, you are a murderer but if you killed millions, you are a conqueror. How great of guilt needed to prevent human from killing each other? It never stops. Killing is a part of human life no matter how bad it is that we want to deny it. Death toll for murder remains constantly exponential on daily if not hourly basis.

Seriously, notwithstanding wars where it seem almost permissible for one to kill another, we can still find rampant occurrence of abortions, fetus abandonments, baby dumping and individual slaughtering. The recent juvenile gang-murder-rape case from a small suburb village down at Malaysia Southern Peninsula shakes the attention of the nation. The victim, a 14-year old school girl was slaughtered by a group of teenage boys.

“Will it ever stop? Yo… I don’t know”. I bet I would most probably die in the course of trying to contribute towards betterment of human life. Nonetheless that’s just not enough to be taken for a reason to stop doing it. What should be the impact of my involvement towards this betterment? Well I guess that depends. If I can make remarkable impact, Alhamdulillah, all praise to ALLAH but if I can’t, never mind, I’ll keep trying, InsyaALLAH.

On the same day the news about savage murder of a 14-year old girl, the same state made a remarkable achievement by winning the final round of an annual National Nasyeed competition.
God is Gracious! The reality of black against white or evil versus goodness prevails. This shocking notorious juvenile delinquency ought to raise a stir in the equilibrium of darkness versus light as far as human spirit is concerned.

Adding up to the irony of a state making double achievement in local news, lyric of the song entitled “Soalan Yang Pasti – Confirmed Questions” that crowned AzZikr Group from Batu Pahat, Johor as the National Nasyeed Champion talks about death. Indeed this is a coincidence by fate. Since we are kind of involved in the making of 2010 National Nasyeed Champion with AzZikr, it makes us wonder how powerful the Number One and Only script writer of human life. ALLAHU AKBAR. God is the Greatest.

On one hand, while all parties involved with AzZikr including friends, relatives, accompanying officers and bosses were rejoicing the triumphant moment becoming The National Champion, there’s another handful group of people from the same district of origin weeping the loss of a daughter, cousin, classmate and facebook friend because that particular girl was brutally murdered.

AzZikr and See Sharp Minor hereby express our deepest condolence and takziah over the death of Siti Mazni Abdul Rahman. Our sympathy goes to family and friends of the deceased. May ALLAH bless all of you with patience and perseverance to confront anguish and grief while waiting for justice to be served as plain and cold as forcible.

By: Towil

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Please... if there's any good Muslim lawyer out there who feels strongly abt upholding justice, think 'QISAS'...!

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