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Beauty of Qisas

“We made a covenant with you, that you shall not shed your blood, nor shall you evict each other from your homes. You agreed and bore witness” (AlBaqarah : 284). This verse is recorded in AlQur’an to remind us what sort of breach had Bani Israel committed in history. The history was precisely recorded with the following verse explaining how the covenant was breached. And today, the same act of tyranny is happening again in the land where Baitul Muqaddis remains.

For crying out loud, despite AlQur'an being sent upon Muhammad s.a.w and his
believers mor
e than a thousand years ago, how could the Israelis surprise Muslims with similar disobedience stated in the verses above when they declared the State of Israel in 1948? The Book of Truth (AlQur'an) has clearly reminded us to be wary of Bani Israil who disobeyed Prophet Musa a.s and other prophets sent to them. In some cases, they even killed their own Prophet. Further on from that moment when they claimed independance, killing and evicting Palestinians from their own land has always remain top Israeli agenda in that area until today.

As a society, how should we treat a group of backstabbers whose common interest is betrayal for selfish reasons? In some countries, that can be defined as treason which fits death by firing squad. The story of Banu Nadhir, Qaynuqa' & Quraidzhah Jews in Madinah Al Munawwarah during Prophet Muhammad's time is just another dot proving why some Jews deserve to die by the sword at that time. Some others were outcast while some were spared. With built-in untrustworthy and injustice attitude of the Jews during prophetic period, they were only fit for doom and condemnation.

Human is a complex creation of ALLAH with a blend of mindful rationales, hearty emotions and spiritual soul apart from physique. Having permissible law to kill others is one of God’s wisdom to help mankind rule and govern themselves in a system. The Book of Guidance prescribes Qisas as an impartial mean to put an end to revenge. It also safeguards individual human rights to live in this world with a guarantee that every life is important to each and everyone as well as their family members. Some people choose to become rotten communally like Israelis while some are just a bad apple in a basket.

History of mankind itself is filled with uncountable repeated murder cases. Is it because that is an integral part of human nature to kill each other? If so, what ought to be the righteous way to kill another human being. For anti capitol punishment believers, they stick to life is precious and the sanctity of life should never be taken into the human hands with deciding who goes and who stays. That’s not entirely the best solution suitable for nature of human creation.

Qisas means ‘retaliation’ following the principle of an eye for an eye. There are beautiful aspects of this ruling entrusted to mankind who truly believe in ALLAH The Almighty in the Holy Qur’an. Some of which only the true believers of this loving religion can comprehend. Qisas is permissible with careful adjudication in the interest to protect the sanctity of life itself. Everybody dies. Some deserve to die more than others especially when cruel transgression made against other people’s life unlawfully resulted in unnatural demise.

Not every Muslim country is willing to practice this rule on various reasons. Arguably the most common reason is due to lack of capable judiciary practitioners and true believers to this sentence. To a certain extent of truth, only true believers with sound Shari’ah jurisprudence, knowledge and belief can uphold such gravity of justice. For it is a matter of life and death, no wonder there are more of those who’re afraid of death protesting it.

Life is made perfect only when it’s treated equally important to its match; death. Everybody dies. Come to think of it, there’s no such thing as one dies at the time it’s not supposed to, because in God’s fate each life has its own designated timeline. What Qisas offers is a guarantee that if someone takes another life by killing unlawfully, ALLAH’s law protects their rights with retaliation. Even with such permission, the same Godly law allows forgiveness and replacement with blood money.

The idea of practicing laws is for justice. When it comes to law guided by ALLAH’s wisdom, it takes into consideration both relations between mankind and The Creator as well as amongst fellow human kind. Faith or Iman is the utmost important requirement to anyone who intends to uphold ALLAH’s Law. Repentance is the only path without option to those who committed sins that entitle them Qisas. Upon accepting such sentence, repented criminals of such kind can meet their Lord Almighty in clean sheet.

How do you know it’s a clean sheet? Well, one has to die first in order to know how is it on the other side. The real question is, “do you believe?” Nonetheless, ALLAH’s promise is 100% true. That is of course highly understandable if one chooses to become a Muslim wholeheartedly. Being Muslim, for as long there’s time to repent, ALLAH promises that He listens and likes those who seek His forgiveness.

Anyone of those sentenced to death by Qisas usually will be given time prior to execution that allows one to seek refuge and atonement. If one’s Iman gets stronger, surrendering oneself to be sentenced by justice is a noble way to leave this world. Obviously, the world will have one less scumbag at a time lurking around on the face of earth while fear of such punishment hinders people from doing it.

An idea that we can compute from a popular TV program “Fear Factor” is that when human can confront fear, nothing but fate is going to stop them. Similarly, if the idea of fear over deadly retaliation threat of Qisas is real and vivid to human mind, it takes pure insanity for one to overcome and happily accepts the consequences of committing murder intentionally and unlawfully. Kill her and you die too. How’s that sound for an offer? Enticing? Not too interesting to sound minds, i suppose...

Once a murder has been committed, there’s no possible way to turn back time and undid what’s done. The only way moving forward is serving justice to deserving lives who are still alive. As for the criminals, it’s ok to leave this world like everybody has to in the end but take advantage for knowing your coming time of death. Consider yourselves lucky before your death row sentence is served as you get to clear your debts to ALLAH and mankind as much possible, with whatever remaining time and resources you have left.

Unlike others who might have history in the past that can grant eligibility for a Qisas but neither caught nor willingly surrendered and unfortunately dies before accepting ALLAH in the heart, the odds that repented criminals undergoing Qisas to die with Syahadah attesting “La ilaha illallah” is likely higher. How many times we need to be reminded with Muslim death cases in impure manner such as fatal drunken accidents on the way back to apartment for a one night stand?

By: Towil

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towil said...

Throughout history of the Prophets, there were Jews who obeyed ALLAH & became genuine Muslim. Today, there are still Jewish descendants reverting to Islam when their hearts were chosen by ALLAH the Almighty to receive the light of Guidance (Hidayah). Once a soul turn to become Muslim, the spirit of Islamic brotherhood goes beyond skin colors and races. Between a Jewish Muslim and a Malay Muslim, piety to ALLAH differentiates both of their status by ALLAH's standard. Infidelity is a choice of belief, not by default of races.

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