Saturday, April 30, 2011

Own your mind, before you Mind your Own… again.

Off lately, it’s becoming more rampant to find people contemplating about conspiracy theory involving Freemason, Illuminati and stuffs. Comparatively before the age of information technology, this subject matter had limited avenue of diffusion. To a certain extent, some people tend to become highly fanatical in blaming all sorts of occurrences to such theory. According to claims of those talks, the Illuminati are referred back to Iblis or Lucifer and its worshipers or Luciferian.

There are abundant rationales that justify the claims and theory; both in actual happenings and hearsay. Without discrediting the possibility of the theory, the relevance and truthfulness of it has yet to become proven fact as the Illuminati and Freemason themselves are seemingly keener to respond in denial by pushing the wondering thoughts even further towards uncertainties and confusion. Many aspects of life are said to be related to the Luciferian plan, which focuses on mankind abandoning Godly beliefs. From education, medicinal, entertainment, economy, politics and lifestyles, the theory stands its grounds.

Looking at it from a slanted perspective, even the diffusion about Freemason ought to be related and intended. Who would want this to be perceived as truth? Amongst the Muslims, such rationale is easier to justify because the characteristics of Iblis and its commitment to deviate mankind are well-defined in many Islamic sources. Hence, to rationalize and assume the corrupting efforts that pull people away from Godly belief is definitely the act of the opposing latter.

Nonetheless, as the root of Illuminati refers way back to historical incidents involving Masonic work of idol sculptures that enjoined people to worship idols instead of The One true God, Muslims should have the privilege to refrain from those deviating invitations as we are supposedly equipped with Divine truth in AlQur’an & Sunnah. The areas of attack upon one’s religious belief however didn’t stop at obvious manners as human ideologies emerged and grew exponentially.

Among other ideologies that played their roles as corrosive elements to one’s faith or Aqidah, apart from deviated teachings such as Shi’ah, Muktazilah and many more, are materialism, hedonism, communism as well as blind nationalism. If we want to dig deeper, it’s highly probable for us to find rationales that link those ideologies to Illuminati, whether in the form of unproven conspiracy theories, hearsay or slanders. Materialism for one has endless justifications that rationalize the Freemasons, Illuminati and their alliances’ contradictions against religious values.

Human lust, greed, hatred, envy and all negative emotions are solid grounds for satanic values deployment. With or without the Illuminati and Freemason, human still face risks of deviation as a result of incapability to accord mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects with divine guidance. Each and every human soul is born neutral and free from corruptions. Psychological theories and studies indicated internal and external factors as the variables that affected innate and developmental human nature towards any particular attitude.

Now, here’s another manner to put it altogether. One of the pillars of Faith or IMAN in Islam is believing Judgment Day or Qiyamat. Hence, all premonitions about the Promised Day stated in ALLAH’s Holy Book and words of His Prophet are substantial arguments obligated to every Muslim to believe. Mankind as divided in The Holy Scriptures of ALLAH consists of Believers and/or non-Believers. Regardless race, nationality or social status, we can find these two differentiations. Some were obvious while the rest are ambiguous like the two-faced Shi’ites and hypocrites, as prompted in AlQur’an:
“And those who disbelieved are allies of one another. If you do not do so, there will be slander (fitnah) on earth and great corruption”
(Al-Anfal : 73)
The exact meaning of that verse is taking place in today’s world even as we speak. The world of Fitnah is happening NOW. And many times again, Muhammad s.a.w warned us in his Prophetic hadith regarding the coming of this age; The FITNAH Age. No matter how we really hope that this world to be a better place to live for our own selves as well as our descendants, there shouldn’t be any slightest doubt about the world reaching its end. Age of Fitnah is just a gesture of ALLAH and His Messenger’s reminder to us about this world. Dateline towards Qiyamat is perhaps approaching sooner if not later.

Thus, it is prevalent and in fact predictable to notice networks of non-believers and hypocrites seemingly working hand in hand towards the opposite of Islam. If we take note of Prophetic ahadith pertaining to this kind of premonition, networks of enemies of Islam is pretty obvious to predict. Regardless they are the Illuminati, Zionist, Shi'ite or other religions and dogmas, all those situations leading to Qiyamat are prone to happen. Knowing what’s going on is good but knowing what to do in which direction is ultimately more important. This is the point we ask ourselves why we become Muslim?

Clearly ALLAH said in His Book of Guidance that mankind and jinn were created as servants of God. All servants can only be called ‘servant’ when they serve their masters and in the light of such Divine statement, Muslims are supposed to serve ALLAH. The acts of serving ALLAH are justifications that differentiate a Believer from a non-Believer. Let’s put aside variance in numbers between the two and focus on our individual requirements to qualify ourselves as a true Believer or Mu’min.

Indeed, most Muslims know that ALLAH is God and Muhammad is His Messenger simply because that statement is an obligated prerequisite to become a Muslim by proclaiming Shahadatain; “La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasulullah”. As ALLAH reminded us about the ultimate reason of creation in the Holy Qur’an, Muhammad s.a.w also prompted an important note in his famous sermon during the last pilgrimage of his life when he urged the importance of sticking to AlQur’an and Sunnah to avoid deviation. 

The fact that such sermon was delivered during a pilgrimage also indirectly signify a point of strength for Muslim ummah. During hajj everybody regardless of tribes, races or nationalities stands equal as a member of ONE ummah with two pieces of white cloth in the plain of Arafah. It was during this annual gathering such words were uttered. Come to think of hajj as an annual worshiping act with an opportunity for Muslim ummah to regroup and build up networking, why to date we can’t really see much of that collective strength piling up over centuries?

As Muslim, we have a clear direction to become ALLAH’s servants in life with untainted references as guidance but we are still divided and segmented. The brotherhood and sisterhood of Islam during hajj annual gathering should’ve been applied as a key strength that unifies us and yet we are still scattered when our brothers and sisters face oppressions from the alliance of infidels. Many of us pray for the ummah during Arafah day, but probably forgot to appreciate others from different jama’ah or group as brothers and sisters as if we are totally unrelated.

Therefore when impressive wicked communal stories like Zionist, Freemason and Illuminati became rampant, some of us might be diluted into aspiring ideas to fight against it without realizing that Muslim agenda has been spelled out much earlier in AlQur’an & Sunnah. Some of us tend to let skeptics and fear of increasing threats to dominate our thoughts although the formula to defend our faith has been given by our beloved Prophet s.a.w.

Confronting threats also means empowering strength with focus. Disbelievers of Islam will always ally themselves against truth of ALLAH’s religion as promised in world’s decaying process towards the end of time. Hence in order to confront threats of those evil infidels, we must empower our strength and belief with focus on faith. In fact if we understand what’s written between the lines, it is more important to strengthen ourselves with AlQur’an and Sunnah before worrying over threats of Illuminati.

Basically the call to Muslim remains the same… own your mind, before you mind your own!

By: Towil

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