Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Democracy... to what extend?

If we own something, what does that supposedly means? What's the difference between belonging to something versus something belongs to us? How should we define nationality by practically not losing our BIGGER identity in front of GOD The Almighty? What draws the line between patriotism and religious inclination especially at times when the said values collide in opposite directions?

Malay strengthens ISLAM or ISLAM strengthens Malay?
Malaysia is a sovereign country like any other 'Democratic' nations. A sovereign country requires basic 3 elements of authority; (1) Legislation (2) Judiciary and (3) Executive (political) to coexist in balance. Since ISLAM is regarded as Malaysia's Official Religion, there are special rights bestowed upon ISLAM in Malaysia which are not given to any other religion in this nation. Among others, that includes Malay race in particular to be defined automatically as a Muslim in this country, despite the fact ISLAM never said that a Malay must be a Muslim... as if it's impossible for Arabs to become Christian bearing Arabic name like Sabir in this world.

Being Malaysian; or any nationality of the world in this sense, carries with it patriotism that requires everyone to posses certain amount of loyalty to the country. At times, having the patriotic feeling alone won't suffice until we manifest actions congruent to the values of our nationalities. Politicians would claim that voting in 'Democracy' is obligatory to uphold patriotism.

Some values that define a "Pure Democratic" nation may not jive with certain faith of religions including ISLAM. The basic fundamentals including legal jurisprudence between total democracy that uphold total freedom of speech and expressions may not suit higher 'Akhlaq' or Islamic manner that uphold respect towards other people rights; involving both amongst Muslims as well as when confronting non-Muslims.

All societies posses identities; whether applied or implied. By being individual, one may hold exclusive worldview about the society but collectively as members of the society, we are bound to maintain certain ethical manners that will later decide to which class of society do we belong. Human race comprised mixture of complex communities and yet many times we still portray our simplest form as "Social Animals".

ISLAM forbids condemning other religious beliefs as it respects human choices of  personal life directions. Democracy however may allow freedom of expressions regardless how offensive it is against any particular religion. Some were intentionally caused to create confusions, some were maliciously written to spread hatred upon misconceptions while many were published in the form of independent opinions.

Many times we came across slanders and libels condemning ISLAM made by western haters. Some were so blasphemous including biased stereotypes and over generalizations based on unfounded assumptions and shallow-minded articulations. Nonetheless, under the clause that protects "Democratic Freedom of Speech and Expressions", these haters roam free in their country, saying whatever they pleased about ISLAM.

It is becoming more critical to ISLAM when non-Islamic faith like syiah walked their talk claiming that they are Muslim. Their systematic tactical series of lies upon their self-claimed "ISLAMIC revolution" under the leadership of satanic Khomeini were further self-endorsed as they use the word 'ISLAMIC' in their country's name; Iran. This in reality scrambles the sanctity of ISLAM as a religion of TRUTH with deceit and lies of syiah as a sectarian extremists' belief.

Under the name of ISLAM carried by shi'ites, even Malaysian Government who uphold ISLAM as the country's official religion cannot or dare not to simply reject their deviated belief. Although by Islamic Belief (Aqidah) fundamentals, the faith of shi'ites already derailed from ISLAM, hesitation still shackles Muslim to silence, leaving shi'tes to continue indoctrinating their claim that ISLAM and syiah is the same.

What was done by the shi'ite hypocrites tarnished the purity of ISLAM in the eyes of many who couldn't be bothered to know the actual truth about this beautiful and peaceful religion. At this junction, only Guidance (Hidayah) from ALLAH can salvage this situation, provided that Muslims continue doing their work to enjoin  goodness and forbidding evil based on the real TRUTH stated in AlQur'an (Mashaf Uthmani) and authentic Sunnah of Muhammad p.b.u.h.

Alhamdulillah, all Praise to ALLAH, lately in Malaysia we can see more people are aware about syiah's tyranny when Iran showed their real side standing with their allies; Israel, Jews and Bashar Assad of Syria whose government armed forces already killed more than 200 thousands Muslims (Sunni). Iraq's syiah government selected and supported by the American so-called peace mission are also on killing spree targeting the Muslims (Sunni) all over the country.

Death tolls of Sunni Muslims are increasing as we speak and the rest of the world can remain as onlookers with silence by opting to categorize this WAR as Muslims internal affairs, since the shi'ite also said they are Muslims. Whoever put this plan together to entice and allow non-Muslim shi'ite freely killed, slayed, raped and tortured the real Muslims (Sunni) as we can see rampantly today, surely must have strong network and unmatched skills with persistence to work such plan.

More than 1400 years ago, ALLAH has reminded Muslims in AlQuran:-

"Neither will the Jews nor the Christians be pleased with you till you follow their religion"  {Al Baqarah : 120}

Wallahu a'lam... ALLAH knows BETTER.

By: Towil SeeSharpMinor


S. Hamzah said...
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S. Hamzah said...

We are not democratic when we got angry churches want to use "Allah" in their Bahasa version of Bible. We are also not democratic when we get mad at Ayah Pin. And we are definitely not democratic when we say it's obligatory to vote in the election, because not to elect is also a democratic right. So democracy is simply "you can do or say anything you like, the law will protect you." Well, that doesn't sound like ISLAM at all to me!

towil said...

i am choosing not to choose... because i doubt the SYSTEM ;-)

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