Friday, February 28, 2014

Democratically RACIAL or Socially RADICAL?

Note: This article intends to openly scrutinize the PSEUDO STUPIDITY of so-called MUSLIM Socialist particularly in Malaysia. If it happens to make more sense than that, ALHAMDULILLAH ;-) Here goes…

Human logic is never comprehensive in creating social system. Obviously that’s far from perfection. Some have produced their own doctrines which they perceived as the ‘SOLUTION’. Marxism, Fascism, Socialism and even Democracy are amongst human brainchildren that marked milestones in the history of mankind. To date and till the end of this world, the only hypothesis we shall approve is none of the afore mentioned political ideologies suit human’s main reason of creation. As far as human intellectual is concerned, if it’s simply logical, nothing is absolute. Instinctive usually stays at 50:50 while being emotional only carries one further adrift.

Realistically speaking, human civilizations rise and fall on various reasons. Nevertheless there’s a common ground we can agree upon; “ALL human civilizations crumble as and when mankind chose to side-line DIVINE Guidance”. It’s common nowadays to come across Muslim who believes in separation of worldly life from religion. Secularists have been clinging on this notion as their fundamental ever since. Socialists also generally believe in such separation with acceptance on religious pluralism.


The idea of JUSTICE within the parameter of humanistic logical perception alone is inadequate. When ALLAH The Almighty commanded mankind to do JUST between fellow human, it is directly related to individual decision making and discretion. Even in polygamy, ALLAH reminded ‘IF’ one is unable to practice justice among his wives; please do not marry more than one. Some define justice in polygamy as EQUALITY although it also means ADEQUACY. Similarly those who stand for equality in socialist community often bark at the wrong tree when their views contradicts DIVINE authority.

Inability to comprehend clear-cut WISDOM as well as underlying REASONS of Divine Revelations is an obvious thinkable reason why some Muslims in Malaysia uphold JUSTICE via Socialism. Listening to their “holier-than-thou” arguments on equality and justice is no different than admiring confusion. Putting aside some of those who can talk like parrot, their twisted commitment to revolution often invites hatred as opposed to patriotism, while at the same time their claims may seem to sound like they’re calling for betterment of the nation.


It is in fact a common trait for Socialist thinkers cum speakers to condemn everyone else who are not aligned with their perception. However when they are the ones being cornered at the table of defendant facing criticism from others, they’ll quickly jump the gun stressing their concern is justice via equality, without accepting any further arguments. To them other people are wrong until they agree with them. In a way, such mental attitude simply elucidates shallow mindedness, although to these Socialists; that’s an act of valour and righteousness.

Pride is NOT confidence. Whenever one steadfastly put on a mental blockade from accepting other people’s views, regardless how sensible such views are, their pride escalates into arrogance. They assume other people as incompetent to distinguish their set of ‘truth’, as if their Socialist view is the ultimate true judgment. By nature, such arrogance is actually an injustice but of course, they still see it otherwise. Similar to the pride and arrogance of Iblis who disowned himself from accepting Prophet Adam a.s by saying, “I’m better than him”.


IF socialism is the most suitable ideology for mankind; why didn’t ALLAH s.w.t enforce it in AlQuran and Prophetic endorsement? Islam never condone to injustice. All the pious Caliphates (Khulafa’ Ar-Rashidin) were exemplary in their leadership and administration. None of the Pious Caliphs carried Socialism in their essence of politics. Today we can see these Malay moronic Socialists consistently claim the heroic throne as the people’s freedom fighter through their so-called ONLY option called ‘revolution’.

Actually these morons crave too much to become the most righteous. Unfortunately their subconscious crave is based solely on human logic up to the point it makes them feel okay to go AGAINST religious values. Ironically at the same time, they insist to be recognized as Muslim according to their inherited religion. Many of them even only use their logical discretion to define the meaning of certain Qur’anic Verses without even understanding the fundamental meaning and context, for as long as their reasons are justified.


Socialism’s radical plight on breaking racial boundaries is astonishing if one is blindfolded with the injustice offered by ‘Democracy’. Malaysia is unique. Racial segregation is important to ensure sustainability of democracy at the hand of few elite generations who inherited power by birth right.

Democracy in this country always favors the descendants of previous leaders. Even after more than 50 years of independence, such mentality still cage Malaysian preference in selecting leaders. Backed by RINGGIT; which was earlier swindled from the people’s pocket, Malaysian political hegemony continues to be played at status-quo.

Similar to secularism, Socialism sought to separate religion from worldly life. Many who claim themselves as Muslim socialists in Malaysia are unable to uphold their supposed religion aligned with the harmonious elements offered by Islam. Many simply adore revolutionist such as Iranian Syiah Khomenei; based on his achievement capturing Iran from its former Shah who was known as a secular.

Unfairly using ISLAM as their country’s brand, Syiah infidels and apostles deceived the whole world by claiming Muslim and later slaughtered REAL MUSLIMS inside and outside their borders. Being moronic, the Malay Socialism secularists idolized the satanic Khomenei while at the same time claiming that they are also Muslim fighters.

The fact about Khomenei being the culprit who strongly advocated Syiah as top-notch LIARS is irrelevant to them although Islam became the prime victim of Khomenei the Satan. Here, Malays who are fooled by Syiah manifestation of Islam in Iran proudly bark like “Man’s Best Friend” as their deviation keeps them together in a tight colony of liars, infidels & morons.


Simply put, in Malaysia socialist ideology is neither here nor there. If we consider Malaysia as a Muslim Majority country, then by right the most ideal system is Islamic. Then again if we take Malaysia as a multi-racial nation, majority would rather stick to being democratic. Now, where and how these MALAY socialists fit in? By virtue of Malay being Muslim, the ONLY choice is Islam whereas by bloodline, Malay has its own political party. Let’s ask this question again, why are there Malay socialist in this country? At least one simple answer can be applied. Nearing Qiyamat & FATE. 

Wallahu a’lam.

By: Osman Mandela

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