Tuesday, August 17, 2010

See Sharp Minor - Intro

Founded in mid 2008 by Husnaa (composer) & Towil (lyricist) out of impromptu desire to express ideas, hunches, thoughts and works of art via musical output without much concern on wealth and fame outcomes.

The duo started with 'Marhaen' album project and managed to get other people involved as singers, musicians and so forth. Then they form an entity to represent singularity of their sincere intention to express opinions, emotions, notions and quotients named 'See Sharp Minor'.

"We are a bunch of average guys who don't care about any hurtful eardrum listening to our music & singing."

"Nonetheless, we believe in responsibly 'communicating' through music and are trying to do just that. Obviously, we're not there yet, but since the best parts of any effort are usually the struggle, we are going to enjoy every moment of this journey till the end"

"Metal, hard-rock, pop, reggae, folklore, any genre... doesn't matter to us."

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